Humble Catholic Servant of The Word
Thank You, Almighty God and Father!
  • Thank You for letting me be born and raised in the USA.
  • Thank You for the Founding Fathers.
  • Thank You for two loving parents.
  • Thank You for my teachers.
  • Thank You for providing the faith and reseliency that keeps generation after generation going!
  • Thank You for Your guiding Hand of Providence in keeping this country free, so we all can express our views and live as we may.
  • Thank You for always giving me the option of different Catholic Churches to attend, no matter where I was.
  • Thank You for providing really incredible and blessed priests to say Mass, to hear my confession, and to provide excellent homilies, speaking the truths and Truth that need to be spoken!
  • Thank You for Perpetual Adoration at our parish, going on 9 years!

Lord, these are but a few of the many thanks I can give. I reserve the two most important for last: Thank You for calling me to be Yours. Above all, thank You for the gift of Your Son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ.