Humble Catholic Servant of The Word
"Christ Carrying The Cross" by El Greco  ca. 1580’s

"Christ Carrying The Cross" by El Greco ca. 1580’s

Spiritual Warfare

I was reminded of our need to constantly fight the evil one’s never ending assault on each of us in a comment on Relevant Radio. The priest mentioned we should always read up on this and review our progress in this area during Lent.

There are many excellent texts on this for Catholics, starting with the Bible. Also check out “Spiritual Combat” by Dom Scupoli. Don’t forget the classic “Imitation of Christ”.

All of these are real eye-openers as to how far evil quietly and subtly enters our life. Read and pray to turn the tide on fighting evil within and without.

May God assist us all in our spiritual progress!

The Poor, the simple, the least…

Only the poor, the simple, the least, the children…only these accepted and understood the teachings of Christ. Who are these people today, where are they? Do you see them, do you know who they are? Through repentance and humbling ourselves, then we will seek and find them. There you shall find Christ and His teachings.