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Summertime in Chicago

The craziness is here, tourism and suburbanites in full swing, everybody enjoying themselves. Post-Cubs games happy hours and the like. I can still partake and enjoy, but I always know where the line is. What does this mean tomorrow? Self-respect, respect from others, and a strong self-examen.

I actually thank God that He allows such temptation. It strengthens me and makes me rejoice that He finds me worthy of such temptation. I KNOW it is a sign of His love, the burnishing of gold through fire.

I am so in Love! Thank you, Lord!

Go see the movie “For Greater Glory”

It is the Hand of God at work. At this critical time in our country’s history when the US government is attacking the Catholic Church with the HHS mandate, we have this powerful film, “For Greater Glory”, as a warning of the consequences of a government trying to stamp out religious rights. The Church will prevail, but at what cost?

We must, in any way we can, do everything possible to educate our fellow countrymen before it comes to the point of what it did in Mexico.

I beg you to ponder, meditate, and pray about this quote from the movie - “Who are you if you don’t stand up for what you believe?”

May God bless us all and through His Grace give us all we need to prevail against this evil and all evils we face and confront every day. Amen.

To all Catholics:

We can, if we choose, change the world to be in conformity with what God demands of all people. Pray and ask for guidance from The Holy Spirit in seeing what our specific role is. Some are asked to do great things and some are asked to do seemingly little things. All are called to do something. If we all answer that call and follow through, the changes in the world will be nothing short of miraculous.

Spiritual Warfare

I was reminded of our need to constantly fight the evil one’s never ending assault on each of us in a comment on Relevant Radio. The priest mentioned we should always read up on this and review our progress in this area during Lent.

There are many excellent texts on this for Catholics, starting with the Bible. Also check out “Spiritual Combat” by Dom Scupoli. Don’t forget the classic “Imitation of Christ”.

All of these are real eye-openers as to how far evil quietly and subtly enters our life. Read and pray to turn the tide on fighting evil within and without.

May God assist us all in our spiritual progress!

New phone, new posts coming!

I’ll be posting again soon. My new phone has the app and I was too busy to give you worthy posts with all that was going on. I believe God has given me time and gifts again to move forward here. May God continue to bless all Christians who are communicating their faith in many areas across the Internet, around the world. It has never been more important than it is now with the attacks on our freedoms and rights here in the United States and around the world. “Be not afraid!”

Acts of Evil, Hatred best countered with…

As we see again yesterday, people continue to commit acts of evil and hatred against innocent people. The knee-jerk response many of us feel is to be angry and wanting revenge against people who are the same skin color, race, nationality, religion, etc. Often we do this not even knowing who or what group is responsible. We know that evil should not be repaid with evil. Then what to do with the anger and desire to act or act out to vent the anger?

The best way to act can be derived from Jesus in his discourses. Remember, vengeance is God’s, not ours. Jesus says turn the other cheek. Walk two miles in service rather than the pressed into one. So what does that mean to us today?

Counter these acts of evil with charity and prayer. Pray for the perpetrators, victims, their families, and the civilized world. Perform acts of love for neighbor, known or unknown. You then satisfy the need to do something, perform works of mercy, and through prayer, ask for God’s intercession that things will work for the better for those directly involved.

As we do not know the long-term effects of our good actions, we may at the very least show to those we help that life, good, and good people continue in an imperfect, uncertain world. We will always continue, regardless of war, terrorism, violence, and other attrocities, to follow the path of Our Lord, sowing good seed wherever we may be while carrying our cross. We know the way to Calvary and the reward of what lies beyond. Stay close to The Lord, undeterred by the evil one, and follow The Way.

Love of God, Love of your cross.

I prayed and prayed and others prayed and The Good Lord gave me a job. I get up early, drive thru rush hour, wait for train into city, and have been walking through dry, desert canyons in the mid to upper 90s. And what do I do? Smile and silently thank Him. If they only knew how happy I really was!! Sometimes people look, like what is he smiling about? WHY is that guy smiling? Because I love Him so, because I know He loves me! Sure, we carry our cross but this is important: When you are blessed to be filled with love for Him, your cross may look heavy but it is really light. Love, real and true, bears all. It’s the basis of all good things. It can’t be or happen any other way. Love your cross daily and notice the difference, what a joy it is, and how love feeds love!

Job Seekers - Please read!

Glory to God in the highest!! Yes, I finally have found employment, with another offer coming! Will the Lord not answer your prayer, according to His will, in His time, in His way? Would you not answer the plea of your child, even though it not be what your child is asking for, but it certainly be what he needs, what is good? Yes, you would. But the ways of the Lord are mysterious. I can tell you this - when I humbled myself, prayed at the prompting of the Spirit, and let it all go in abandonment to Him, something truly happened. For the first time, I really felt that, with the help of the Holy Spirit, in prayer and not through any mental way of my own, I acknowledged my nothingness. As near as I can tell, Jesus, in the Real Presence before me, filled me with the Holy Spirit, and perfected my prayer for God, the benevolent, loving Father. I have wandered in the desert for awhile, circling as the Israelites did. Know this my brothers and sisters, perseverance and prayer, coupled with true humility and faith, can bring the Assistance we need to accomplish His Will, right here and now. Read the Mass each day, embrace Lectio Divina, and pray the Psalms. Too much to cover here right now, I’ll provide more posts in the coming days. When your prayer runs dry or lukewarmness hits you, pray what you can, just keep praying. I can’t stress enough to persevere through it all, even a small, feeble prayer carries so much worth! May peace be yours.

Prayer and Persistence in All Things!

I can’t stress enough to my friends and family that in all things, pray unceasingly and be persistent in prayer and action. Pray to God, pray to Jesus, pray to The Holy Spirit, pray to Mary, pray the Rosary, pray to the saints. Develop your prayer life and interior life. You will be amazed with all the change that will come with faith and grace from above along with your abandonment to His will. Recall Jesus, the Agony in the Garden, “Not my will, but Your will be done.” His prayer was answered.

It never gets old…

It never gets old…