Humble Catholic Servant of The Word
Job Seekers - Please read!

Glory to God in the highest!! Yes, I finally have found employment, with another offer coming! Will the Lord not answer your prayer, according to His will, in His time, in His way? Would you not answer the plea of your child, even though it not be what your child is asking for, but it certainly be what he needs, what is good? Yes, you would. But the ways of the Lord are mysterious. I can tell you this - when I humbled myself, prayed at the prompting of the Spirit, and let it all go in abandonment to Him, something truly happened. For the first time, I really felt that, with the help of the Holy Spirit, in prayer and not through any mental way of my own, I acknowledged my nothingness. As near as I can tell, Jesus, in the Real Presence before me, filled me with the Holy Spirit, and perfected my prayer for God, the benevolent, loving Father. I have wandered in the desert for awhile, circling as the Israelites did. Know this my brothers and sisters, perseverance and prayer, coupled with true humility and faith, can bring the Assistance we need to accomplish His Will, right here and now. Read the Mass each day, embrace Lectio Divina, and pray the Psalms. Too much to cover here right now, I’ll provide more posts in the coming days. When your prayer runs dry or lukewarmness hits you, pray what you can, just keep praying. I can’t stress enough to persevere through it all, even a small, feeble prayer carries so much worth! May peace be yours.

Eucharistic Adoration

I am going to post a link here shortly about Adoration. I think it is unfortunate that some take this position but this seems to be consistent with Fr. McBrien’s views. Both Pope John Paul and Pope Benedict encourage it. I could write for days on this subject. If you are interested, visit an adoration chapel and spend some time in The Real Presence of Our Lord. It shall be known by it’s fruits. Many adorers would love to tell you of the fruits of Adoration. May The Lord bless all of the permanent adorers around the world who cover every hour at perpetual adoration sites so that Jesus is available, no matter the time of day, to all who need some time alone with Him, in His Real Presence!