Humble Catholic Servant of The Word
Love of God, Love of your cross.

I prayed and prayed and others prayed and The Good Lord gave me a job. I get up early, drive thru rush hour, wait for train into city, and have been walking through dry, desert canyons in the mid to upper 90s. And what do I do? Smile and silently thank Him. If they only knew how happy I really was!! Sometimes people look, like what is he smiling about? WHY is that guy smiling? Because I love Him so, because I know He loves me! Sure, we carry our cross but this is important: When you are blessed to be filled with love for Him, your cross may look heavy but it is really light. Love, real and true, bears all. It’s the basis of all good things. It can’t be or happen any other way. Love your cross daily and notice the difference, what a joy it is, and how love feeds love!