Humble Catholic Servant of The Word
Acts of Evil, Hatred best countered with…

As we see again yesterday, people continue to commit acts of evil and hatred against innocent people. The knee-jerk response many of us feel is to be angry and wanting revenge against people who are the same skin color, race, nationality, religion, etc. Often we do this not even knowing who or what group is responsible. We know that evil should not be repaid with evil. Then what to do with the anger and desire to act or act out to vent the anger?

The best way to act can be derived from Jesus in his discourses. Remember, vengeance is God’s, not ours. Jesus says turn the other cheek. Walk two miles in service rather than the pressed into one. So what does that mean to us today?

Counter these acts of evil with charity and prayer. Pray for the perpetrators, victims, their families, and the civilized world. Perform acts of love for neighbor, known or unknown. You then satisfy the need to do something, perform works of mercy, and through prayer, ask for God’s intercession that things will work for the better for those directly involved.

As we do not know the long-term effects of our good actions, we may at the very least show to those we help that life, good, and good people continue in an imperfect, uncertain world. We will always continue, regardless of war, terrorism, violence, and other attrocities, to follow the path of Our Lord, sowing good seed wherever we may be while carrying our cross. We know the way to Calvary and the reward of what lies beyond. Stay close to The Lord, undeterred by the evil one, and follow The Way.